Division and Unification

First time I’ve heard this joke and decided it was worth sharing:

After five years a man was rescued off a desert island. His rescuers noted the three structures that he had built. They pointed to the first and asked what it was used for. He said it was his house. They asked him about the second structure and he said, “That is where I go to church.” So they asked him about the third. He shrugged and said, “That is where I used to go to church.”

I have always wished for more unity in Christianity. Are there issues on which you think we can now unite? What are the issues that you see may cause ongoing division?

The reason religion is doomed to division and failure is for the same reason government is doomed to division and failure. Ancient man saw this in the great population which built the Tower of Babel. We are blocked, not by people, but by bureaucracy, a system that first defeats people and then crumbles in on itself.

A simple person with a simple problem seeks help, but cannot be helped because someone “higher up” has set rules in place that blocks the lower person from helping. The higher one climbs, the more complex it becomes to resolve that simple problem.

Let’s take the Catholic and Orthodox faiths. If we had two small congregations in a small town or village wanted the two to unite, the issues would be resolved within days, perhaps hours.

Which one or two people today could march into Rome and Constantinople and get these two faiths to unite? Isn’t it the bureaucracies the people must go through to even enter into these two Church’s headquarters?

I may be blind Meri but the division I’m currently seeing is between Christianity and the world? There appears to be a falling away happening at an ever increasing rate. I’ve noticed it as I’ve gotten older. The congregations in all churches are growing smaller and older. I don’t see marriages being honored and lost children being all to often the result. The next generation then exacerbates this division even more. If…I were to pinpoint the single, largest problem today, it’s males not stepping up to the responsibility to being Christian men.

It’s my personal belief, that when I was baptized by the Holy Spirit, I became a member of the Church of Christians. The rest has been man made IMO over time. I also think that the the Catholic Church is the “rock” which was foretold to Peter and they have maintained Christian order over time.

Matthew 16:18
18 And I also say unto thee, that thou art [a]Peter, and upon this [b]rock I will build my church; and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.

Organized Christianity as we know it is bleeding membership just as you say, but I personally see a renaissance happening too. It’s not going to die out. Not hardly. It will evolve though.

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The division you mention is well worth exploring as well. Can a faith that is divided among itself stand against a world versus faith? (United we stand, divided we fall.)

Faith within our country took a hit when the Supreme Court forbade prayer and faith being led in school. Growing up, I attended a Catholic School, and no one was afraid to admonish us that good Christians or good Catholics don’t engage in “that kind of action of behavior”. Expectations were clearly defined and enforced. Parents, teachers, school were united in leadership.

Parents and schools are two other entities that should not become divided, but as we have seen in current events, Critical Race Theory and other practices/teachings have become a dividing factor between home and school.

Parents need to fight harder that school tax dollars follow the student–and families select the school their child(ren) attend. If people of faith want their children educated in their faith, it should be the easiest thing in the United States to happen.

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Those are encouraging words Brother.

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Back in the 70s, there was a big push by Evangelicals for all to read the Bible literally (which Catholics and Orthodox–not to mention Jews–largely ignored). I think ignoring this push has proven to be a great mistake because it seems many left their faith due to the fact they could not reconcile a literal Bible with scientific fact. The Old Testament (Hebrew Bible), in my opinion, should be taught by Hebrew scholars, in all elementary schools. Fundamental Christians make a mess out of Old Testament stories.


Actually, “Peter” = Petros (greek) = an individual rock
And “rock” as on “upon this rock” = petra (greek) = bedrock.

Hence -
‘You are a rock and upon this bedrock (the confession "You are the Christ, the Son of God) I will build my church.’

All religions are growing worldwide. People are disillusioned with secularism that seeks to save the world via science and was relying on expert technocrats to manage society scientifically. People are returning worldwide to worldviews that re-embrace their historical cultures and foster personal relationships, while eschewing both the obsessive individualism that has produced personal isolation and loneliness; and overbearing collectivism that devalues or cancels individual personhood.