Distracted driving

Can someone explain this logic to me? In NJ you can’t use a hand held cell phone while you’re driving. I understand that because talking to someone can be distracting. However, you can use a hands free device. That’s just as distracting. Using my hand doesn’t make it more distracting.

I never drive with both hands whether I’m on the phone or not. I’m sure there are people that need both hands on the wheel when driving, I just never met them. But if you’re talking to someone on the phone, hands free or not, it’s distracting.

Depends on road conditions for me. If it’s open highway with low traffic I’ll answer my hands free system.

If I’m in a town or city and it’s heavy traffic I don’t.

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Distracted driving you say!




Can always tell the idiot with their face stuck in their phone on the freeway. It’s the idiot in bumper to bumper traffic that leaves 100 yards between them and the car in front of them.


Because the revenue-generation of citation-writing cannot easily detect a hands-free device. But a handheld device is plain and simple to identify.

Welcome to NJ. That’ll be $195, TYVM.


Yeah. I see cops with a phone stuck in their face all the time


That’s because the law is for you. Not for them.

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Or the most dangerous thing known to man. A 17 year old girl behind the wheel of a suburban her daddy bought for her who is snapchatting. It’s the equivalent of a nuclear missile going down the road. And a family of four in a Corolla is going to bite it.

I was following this bonehead in bumper to bumper, could look through his back window, could see him watching a movie while driving.

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I know a girl who totaled her Dodge Stealth out (talk about a blast from the past) on a backroad because she thought it was a good idea to play her PSP while driving. And she was half Korean so the ass smack down she got for that was legendary. Nobody chews people out like an Asian mom. She got cussed out in English and Korean.

Weird thing was that the car was a 5-speed. So I’m still wondering how she was shifting and playing Final Fantasy at the same time.

Yeah, don’t get me started on that common duplicity. Cops roll through stop signs. Run red lights. Speed. (None of which with their lights flashing, which is a different matter.)

The revenue generating citations are for you and me, not for them.

Of course. That’s what you’d think people do.

Meanwhile, in the 90s I was driving while flipping through one of these, while eating Taco Bell and trying to read the MapQuest print out to tell me how to get to a job interview.



I’m a toll collector. A good 80% of people are on their phones while I’m getting their change. They’re just doing what they were doing when driving. They didn’t just decide to do this now waiting for their dime.

My main complaint is why is hands free any better than not hands free? Same distracted driving. Same one hand on the wheel.

I was spoiled. My Town Car had a ten disc changer.

That’s was fancy!

Then you , my friend, were a moron.

6 disc Alpine

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Just calling a spade a spade.