Disney has lost 200 BILLION DOLLARS in Two Years

That’s right, they had the 3rd lowest 4th of July attendance this year as well. They are bleeding cash.


They went woke, went after OUR children pushing pedophilia and the rest of the LGBQ+++ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP+++ agenda.

People left and right except the total commie far left don’t want their children exposed to half naked pole dancing trans adults in schools, naked trans/gay parades or their children being indoctrinated in schools to be trans or sexualized in grade school.


The left is screwing up young minds for political advantage it’s plain to see. New Jersey for example school age children have a 20% LGTQ+++ rate? No, never in history, what changed?


When many of these children grow up, they will realize they aren’t what they was pushed into, many will be depressed, suicidal, filled with anger issues, and confused.



this from an article from may.

“Attendance at themes parks and resorts drove revenue this quarter. Disney’s Parks, Experiences and Products division increased its profits by 20% to $2.2 billion.”

profits UP.

of course, that goes directly against your narrative.

disney+ did lose subscribers because they raised their prices by 3 bucks a month. (shock)


Disney were also impacted with the loss of streaming rights for Premier League Cricket in India.


And the fact that Disney Plus has been a complete and utter bomb for the company even after they raised prices.


Yeah, they was considering buying Netflix, now Netflix is worth more.

Oh, and you missed the part where attendance is way down and they lost 165 BILLION DOLLARS…

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i posted what was reported and that report was attendance was up.

maybe next report you will be right, but the latest is attendance is up.


A bunch of unhinged nonsense for an op.

I blame all losses on Secret Invasion looking mediocre.


I’m not sure where your source is getting thier numbers. But:

Could post dozens and dozens of links all saying the same thing. And are from within the week with most being within the last day or two.
Didn’t read them, don’t know if the numbers align with the OPs…… but the numbers are certainly NOT up……


He is quite deliberately (deceptively) just focusing on the park attendance rather than the company as a whole. :roll_eyes:


Just noticed you said a date:
Why did you go back to old articles in may when there are current articles with numbers?

Is it because the current ones don’t say what you think they should so used old irrelevant articles hoping no one would go look for current information?

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Yeah, you did, it might be up from it’s low. but still they lost 165 BILLION and the 4th was 3rd lowest attendance.

No they lost subscribers because of the lgbtq ■■■■■


Correct. Former ceo gor the boot for that reason. Not only but it was one of.

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Prove it…

Let’s see

A third of the top 10 is Disney, with two recent movies sitting just outside of the top 10.

They seem to have a spending problem. Domestic box office is down overall.

Disney + also has the third most subscribers worldwide. Again, seems like a spending problem.

Definitely not because of “go woke go broke”

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Indeed, though all streaming services are struggling right now.

Disney has mass produced Marvel and Star Wars and that investment is not paying off. Those two IPs have become bland and formulaic.

Though the exception for Star Wars is Andor. Great show, not a baby yoda or lightsaber in sight.

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Andor is a great political drama set in the Star Wars universe. Rather than being a Star Wars show first and foremost they made a good political drama series and then put Star Wars characters in it.

It reminded me a lot of Dark Forces from way back in the day.

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