Dismantling of Federal Agencies Involved in Partisan Activities

Enforcement of partisan activities by Federal Agencies should be enforced more stringently (similarly to DoD) and should it occur, the agency should be dissolved if it is unable to regulate itself accordingly and employees failing to report partisan behavior should be barred from any government or government-affiliated employment. Federal agencies like the FBI, IRS, DHS, NSC, have too much potential power to subvert constitutional liberties to be allowed to exist if they choose to be used as a political tool by any party or entity. We saw the IRS used against the Tea Party supporters with impunity, the intelligence community appears to be used by whatever party is in power that desires a specific outcome, etc. These abuses of federal power need to be stopped as it infringes upon the founding principles of this great nation.


Federal agencies are barred from partisan activity.

Thanks, I should re-word the post because, unlike the military, the enforcement of partisan activity does not seem adequate.

What went on in the FBI during the 2016 election is the perfect example. Conjuring up false evidence to garner a FISA warrant to spy should be a crime but only one individual was prosecuted, while others were simply fired. What the ■■■■ my fellow Americans. This is how people lose faith in their system and eventually if this road is not curtailed, potentially the country as “we” know it.


Let’s just dismantle those for which there’s no delegated power for … and strip the survivors of authority they’ve no delegated power for … it would yield far more lasting results.


Where the hell have you been all my life?

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ATF should have been disband 87 years ago. IRS needs be gutted, FBI needs to be cut in half, DHS should have never been.

Oh I could go on and on. Either way I’m ■■■■■■■ tired of those bastards labeling me as a threat when I haven’t harm anyone or infringed on their rights/freedoms when those bastard get away with some of must corrupt ■■■■ known to man.

Truth to be told…our government is greatest threat to our Constitution, our liberties and our freedom.

And they know it…they’re using us to garnish more power.


Dammit @Csar_King…I hope you’re legit after you got me started.

Hear! Hear!

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Lol. I’m guessing I’m legit, though not sure what you actually mean. I’m a real person, independently aligned voter who votes IAW the candidates platform and record tempered with reality. Government and MNC are currently the biggest threat to the Constitution and nation’s forefathers recognized the threat of the over-reaching government which is the reason for the 2nd Amendment.

Funny, my last deployment, some young NG troops from AR, KY and TN were having a discussion regarding the second amendment and they had come to conclusion that it should be repealed. So, I entered the discussion and asked them why they thought our forefathers had created the second amendment how they arrived at the conclusion. It was a very enlightening conversation and it evident their teacher’s and failed them miserably. You know, they attributed items from the British Bill of Rights to US Bill of Rights.

Just wanted to bump this…DHS needs to be dissolved immediately…and no repug should be elected that doesn’t support this position.

I want to Thank Conan for speaking truth over. :crazy_face: