Disgrace in the US Senate


This story is about an explicit gay sex video taking place inside hearing room 216 in the Hart Senate Office Building involving an aide to Senator Cardin (D Maryland.) The aide to Senator Cardin is no longer employed by him.

There are times and places when this behavior is acceptable to certain populations; but this was definitely not the place where anything like this should have occurred.

Knuckleheads gonna knuckle.


It happened in the hallway closet off the oval office, this wasn’t even in the Capital Building. I’m calling stupidity and immaturity, but not much beyond that.

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Depends on what your definition of is is E7.

I am very careful not to define “is.”


The adults are in charge now.



So funny. Garbage Midas…everything he does turns to trash.


They the victim!



Except the video has been identified by a source that told the Daily Caller that the room in the imagery is Senate room SD-G50, a Senate hearing room where lawmakers sit to ask questions during important proceedings like Supreme Court nominations.
Not to disagree with your post, of course there are those elected to Congress who live the alternate lifestyles. I also believe as in this case, quite possibly lawmakers are having gay and heterosexual sex with staffers. This moron conducted his perversions, filmed it and shared it on a social media platform for gays in goobermint? :rofl:
Ben Cardin after firing his gay staffer when questioned: “This is the end of the matter” :thinking:

Victimhood is the science of innocence.

The other homosexual hasn’t been identified. Does anybody know where the 1st Crackhead was?

any kind of sexual encounters are off limits in the capitol.

i think that goes without saying.

fired for cause.

there is a time and place for sex.


hildawg ha ha

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What a moron. Makes a performative video of himself engaging in a sex act, in an inappropriate setting, which he then posts on the internet for more personal gratification and acclaim, and then has the nerve to cry persecution. His partner in crime could have been one of the hottest ladies on the planet, and he still would have been fired.


It’s intentional. Attention whores.


I guess the bathroom on the top floor of the House office building is closeted gay conservatives only.

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Atta guy!

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The responsible people are always avoiding responsibility.


Yeah, that’s horrible. Good Lord.


what a sick world

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