Discussion on these forums is becoming increasingly impossible

Another day and another post/thread of mine deleted seemingly with no rhyme or reason. It’s become an increasing trend over the last few months at this new forum. While I appreciate the moderators working to clean up the board, in many cases there just seems to be no standard as to what is allowed to stay versus what is deleted without any explanation whatsoever. It also doesn’t help that some posters seem to be going out of their way to report any posts they don’t like, often leading to large swaths of threads just disappearing.

Of course, we also have a communication problem. Whenever someone makes a post like this asking for clarification it ALSO tends to get closed without so much as a word. What is the point of a community feedback forum when the feedback is met with total indifference?

Communication and consistency are important. Even if you don’t have solid information or a fix, such as with this auto refresh nonsense that has been happening for months, it would be helpful to at least know it is being looked into or handed off to someone who can look at it. But even on that issue it has been mostly silence. There was just a 100+ post thread on the subject closed and I don’t think a mod ever directly discussed it a single time. What message does that send to the rest of the people who use this forum?


Maybe your post crossed the line of polite discussion.

I agree with you that when a person’s post (whether to start a thread or a mere reply) is deleted, that person should get a reason for the deletion, and a copy of the post that was deleted.

Discourse on this board often does not contain a whole lot of light, but it certainly contains a lot of heat. We all ought to take a look at how we are contributing to that.


My thread was about Paul LePage, Maine’s now former governor. It wasn’t closed or edited. It was deleted even though I am unaware of any rule it could have possibly broken.

Answering your original question, your thread was deleted for broadbrushing republicans as racists. Have a nice day.