Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats: Russia is Attempting to Influence

“The Russian threat in particular has awakened Europe to the need to reinvigorate NATO and bolster our collective defenses,” he said. “The Russians are actively seeking to divide our Alliance, and we must not allow that to happen.”

I eagerly await Trump’s response and actions to prevent this from happening.

Don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath.

Deep State plant! Fire him!

No need to hold your breath. Who do you think gave the nod for Coats to reveal all this…

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you are ruining the rooskie rooskie rooskie narrative! :rofl:

Did not realize Trump micromanaged to this level…

So there’s been a response and actions have been taken as to what Coats said?

Who needs Russia, Trump can destroy that alliance a by himself…….

Could you translate that, please? I don’t don’t understand Russian.

Huh? You were inferring Trump gave the OK for Coats to discuss Russian interference. I’m waiting for Trump to acknowledge what Coats said and take action to protect our elections from outside interference.

Trump had to give him the OK. Coats can not declassify intel on his own. The only thing Trump can do to protect our elections is to tell intel and enforcement depts to make it happen, which i am pretty sure he did. Beyond that, without violating OUR Constitutional Rights, not much he can do to thwart disinformation.

What intel has Coats declassified? Giving his opinion of Russia’s intentions at a press conference doesn’t declassify a thing

Quick check under your beds, the Russkies are hiding there next to the Moooslims!

I have yet to hear him acknowledge any Russian interference. In your post you both assume he is doing something and give him an excuse not to act. How are my rights violated by making sure non-US entities don’t interfere in an election?

Are they going to use that cool mind hacking technique again?

From April 6::

“The Trump administration announced new sanctions on seven Russian oligarchs and 17 top government officials on Friday, in a move that targets Vladimir Putin’s inner circle for “malign activity” including meddling in the 2016 US election and other aggressions.”

"Senator John McCain, a Republican of Arizona who has been critical of Trump’s posture on Russia, applauded the new wave of economic sanctions.

“Today’s sanctions send a clear message to Putin and his cronies that there will be a high price to pay for Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and Syria, and its attempts to undermine Western democracies, including our own,” McCain said in a statement. "

That was 2 months ago. Coats comments are from 2 days ago. It appears there is more to be done. I still have yet to hear Trump say anything, not a “White House” release.

If they are forced to follow our election laws and not donate money to campaigns, your rights are not violated. If they are forced to state who they are if they make political statements, your rights are not violated. If you are prevented from hearing the stands and opinions from overseas and non US citizens, then your first amendment rights to hear the speech of others is violated.

“Stands and opinions” from non-US citizens does not equal deliberate misinformation presented as arising from anonymous or US sources.