Dire warning from White House Task Force

The COVID risk to all Americans is at a historic high," say the reports dated November 29, which were shared with states and obtained by CNN. They provide figures from previous moments in the pandemic for comparison.

“The national daily COVID incidence after Memorial Day, but before the summer surge, was fewer than 25,000 new cases/day and is now more than 180,000 new cases/day; COVID inpatients then were fewer than 30,000 but are now more than 90,000; fatalities have more than doubled,” the report says, concluding, “We are in a very dangerous place due to the current, extremely high COVID baseline and limited hospital capacity; a further post-Thanksgiving surge will compromise COVID patient care, as well as medical care overall.”

Oh boy. White House task force painting a bleak picture and telling local health officials to broadcast warnings direct to teh public if their state regulations aren’t in alignment with reality.

Damn. This is a gonna be a ■■■■■■ winter.

Just the flu. Low death-rate. Masks curb freedom. Doctors are paid to say deaths are from COVID. Coronavirus will disappear after the election.


We’ve been at this since last Spring. Americans have politicized the pandemic, and significant numbers of people have refused even simple directives aimed at mitigating spread, for example citing their civil rights/Constitution as the reason they refuse to wear a mask in CostCo. Our elected officials have only fueled this mentality.

Until an effective vaccine can be mass produced and distributed, we are ■■■■■■ by our © own choice. This will continue to burn through the weakest citizens and crush our already exhausted medical personnel.


That bit about doctors being paid was disgusting, even for Trump.


Whole thing is just a hoax…

Just ask rising republican star, candice owens…

Every one of you have already spread the Kung Flu, just like you’ve already spread the normal flu, just like you’ve already spread the Swine Flu.

And yes, people have died.

And there we have it.

We’re powerless to do anything so just open up and let ‘er rip until there’s a vaccine!

Ghost Chamberlain endorses this post.

Or, all you fellow spreaders out there could just stop with the virtue signalling. :man_shrugging:

But hey, I’m sure diseased hot spots like NY and NJ would be just fine losing another 1/3rd of their small businesses so long as it helps the obedient ones to not think about how many people they’ve already infected and killed.


I see your point, but I reject the framing. Americans didn’t “politicize” the virus; the parties didn’t politicize it in symmetrical ways, either. One party is ■■■■■■■ nuts.


It is manly not to get others, especially the vulnerable, sick with a plague. So, yes, virtù.

[Virtù , an Italian word meaning “virtue” or “power”,[4] is derived from the Latin virtus (lit. “manliness”). It describes the qualities desirable for a man, as opposed to vizio (vice). In the Italian language, the term virtù is historically related to the Greek concept of arete , the Latin virtus, and Medieval Catholic virtues, e.g. the Seven virtues. Thus Machiavelli’s use of the term is linked to the concept of virtue ethics.]

I get it, trust me. Trump was most certainly the tip of the misinformation/deception/politicization spear.


Hard to run your small business when you’re dead.

Oh, I know you do. :slight_smile:

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I dunno when wanting to contain a pandemic became “virtue signaling.”

Hard not to think your lack of concern doesn’t stem from nothing more than your own lack of risk to your life and livelihood. What’s that? Selfishness signaling?


That’s part of the problem, right there. The blithe dismissal of any expression of concern with a buzz phrase.

I understand the concerns of economic impact. Here we are with yet another case spike, states considering various stages of shutdown, and business owners are rightly concerned about losing their livelihoods. But the fact remains that a large segment of the population, irrespective of political leanings, simply refuses to be inconvenienced by the the most basic of mitigation protocols.

Personal anecdote: I am a lifelong gym rat. It is my stress release/therapy, and so much cheaper than seeing a shrink. So I was very happy when my gym reopened (with mask/distancing requirements in place). And yet despite constant reminders by posted signage and staff, there are patrons who refuse to abide by the requirements that allow the gym to remain open. Yes, it is the responsibility of the gym to protect itself and remove the offenders, but why should they have to at all? Why do some feel they are entitled to ignore the rules that enable these businesses to remain open?

I know, I know - just me signalling that virtue. :innocent:


Ah, the “we didn’t politicize it you did” crowd. Tell us more about how the virus hasn’t been politicized by the left. Start from the beginning with the accusations of xenophobia when the president halted travel from China.


You too?

Real Americans build their own gyms out of straw and chicken bones.