Did you know a major Iranian terrorist plot was stopped in 2015? Should we have known for the 2016 election?

The money was not sent to Iran yet… So, Ol’ Flexible sent billions to Iran after finding this out.

Sure it is. And most conservatives will tell you it was a lousy deal and never should have been made in the first place, and it was right to end it.

Ending it means that Iran is free to pursue nuclear weapons. It means that the religious hard liners inside of Iran gain more power.

How is that right and Conservative? How is that Wrong and Liberal?

They were anyway. Always have been. Never stopped.

The Iranians were in breach of the agreement? Because if there is proof then the US was completely correct in pulling out and bringing the international community along with us.

Amazing how you know more than our own intelligence agencies.

The post above is not factual.


Maybe I’m more of a cynic than you are.

No, as usual, you’re making a statement that’s not true and that you can’t prove.

next time, I’m certain that whoever gets this “opp research” from a foreign source, will immediately notify the FBI…

Similar nefarious stuff has happened doing favors for Saudis. Don’t see that on the news everyday because Trump keeps attention away from it. That’s what happens when the roles are reversed.

Becauae MI5 is well known for publicy admitting stuff they do

I’m not convinced this story was covered up at the time. I remember something like this happening, I remember thinking what a close call it might have been. I tried to search for older articles but this story has taken off like wildfire and inundated search engines. I dunno if I’m remembering the same incident for sure but………I think this was covered in the news at the time.

That’s different.

as if that wouldn’t happen anyway!..

Iranian politics isn’t monolithic. There is a sizable contingent that does not want war with the US because they know what will happen.

That group will never be our friend, but they will be less of an enemy.