Did you know a major Iranian terrorist plot was stopped in 2015? Should we have known for the 2016 election?

Hezbollah which we all know is controlled by Iran was stacking tons of ammonium nitrate in a London apartment. Ammonium nitrate a major component of for powerful bombs. But plot was not released to the media until this year. What else was going on in 2015? Oh, Obama was making the Iran deal. What a coincidence that the British did not tell the public about this major terrorist plot while Obama was working on the Iran deal. Perhaps they were worried it might effect the election of Hillary had the public known Obama giving billions to Iran while they were trying to blow up some major portion of London!

" It was in the fall of 2015 that British intelligence agency MI5 discovered a cell of Hezbollah terrorists operating in Northwest London. According to reporting by The Telegraph, the group had amassed a stockpile of more than three metric tons of ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer compound that is a popular key component in homemade bombs."

" Soon after the The Telegraph broke (just this year) the story, Reaboi wrote on Twitter: “This is actually a huge intel scandal. I’m assuming the US IC and Obama knew that, while they were pushing the Iran Deal, THERE WAS AN IRANIAN BOMB STOCKPILE IN LONDON. Politicians were NOT informed, lest they’d oppose the Deal.”"

It’s like there were messing with our elections by omission, isn’t it. And why is this story not being covered by our cable media? Not even Fox has reported it. Why is the real news now on youtube and places like this site?

Don’t know what to say.

The discovery was made months after the Iranian deal was signed.

Hezbollah sucks.

What else is there to know?

and did Obama admin stop the money flowing to Iran? No. We should have known so we could have all agree with Trump the Iran “deal” was stupid.

Hezbollah isn’t controlled by Iran.

A river in Egypt!..

and ISIS is controlled the Saudis.

The Iran deal was meant to do one thing and one thing only, to keep Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons for a defined amount of time.

Whatever the opinions about the specifics of the deal one thing is undeniable… Iran was by all accounts keeping their side of that very specific deal.

We are the ones that backed out on it. The US has shown that it is untrustworthy and guess who that helps politically inside of Iran? I will give a hint… it isn’t the people who want to be a rational actor in the international order.


The fact that media kept it a secret while Obama was paying off the Iranians.

But if the roles were reversed? We all know what would have happen.

Heck… we can draw just as clear a line between the Saudis and Al Qaeda as one can between Hezbollah and Iran… but we are giving Nuclear tech to one of those guys.

Strange world.

Why would Hezbollah want to bomb London? Seems kinda strange

The deal was signed months before the discovery.

Maybe I skimmed too fast, but it seems like it was the British IC, not the media, what was “keeping it a secret.” (funny how intelligence orgs keep things secret…)

And Obama didn’t “pay off” the Iranians. Iran’s money that was rightly theirs was returned to them.

Yes,and did British intel take the lead in making sure we didn’t find out, knowing it would effect the deal and the elections? Foreign intervention?

You can’t trust Iran. Obama is stupid for thinking you can.

The weird thing is that the US is the one who came out of this as untrustworthy.

The US was the one who backed out of the deal.

Why would Iran ever try to trust the US again in an effort towards peace?

How would a discovery that happened after the deal was signed affect the deal?

heres a little known gem

which admin declared Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

R admin or D admin.

LOL. BTW the presidents first name is Bill. LOL


From a lib perspective.

( shrug )

It isn’t a conservative/lib perspective.

It is what happens when a deal is broken unilaterally by one side.

If Iran was found to be reneging on the deal then of course, bring the full weight of the international community down on them. But all indications say that they weren’t… so who reneged on the deal?

Furthermore, to show that this isn’t a false binary choice of Conservative/Liberal, Iranian politics isn’t a monolith either. The (for lack of a better term) Moderates within their government who pushed this deal in order to reestablish standing in the International Community are now seen to be foolish for trusting the US. Guess who inside of Iran that benefits politically? Hint… it isn’t the people who are even close to being reasonable.

Blame Obama… He’s the one who made a “deal” and not a treaty… Some constitutional scholar…lol!