DIANNE’S CURVEBALL: Sen. Feinstein Sends ‘SECRET LETTER’ to FBI About Kavanaugh’s Confirmation | Sean Hannity

Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein stunned her Congressional colleagues Thursday; publicly stating she sent a mysterious letter to the FBI regarding Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing.

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what a fricking cheap shot. And anonymous source?

Give me a friggin break

put up or shut up

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Better yet, she needs to just shut up! Another left initiated narrative to obstruct any way they can. Sickening creatures.

I heard on the Radio, the FBI already declined to pursue it as a crime and sent the letter to the white house, standard procedure, this woman is scum ball, Feinstein is doing what they tried to do to Clarence Thomas and we out here are so fed up with it, so sick of it, their party elected Bill Clinton twice. Nothing Burger, she is trying to steal votes.

Remember this in the Mid Terms Tell EVERYBODY about it in the mid terms to get out and vote, we have had enough.