DEVELOPING: Sponsor of Late-Term Abortion Bill Apologizes, Says ‘I Didn’t Read It’ | Sean Hannity

A Democratic co-sponsor of a controversial late-term abortion bill apologized Thursday; claiming she didn’t read the entirety of the text before signing-on to the legislation .

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People were curious to just how low The Democrats would go. The Coup, the constant negative lies designed to hurt a sitting U.S. President. The breaking of numerous Federal laws by those with power over us. We have the most corrupt government in the world folks. They cannot be trusted to even defend our own country, and now they vote to murder babies? No matter how you feel about abortion. Whether you think it’s right or wrong. Whether you believe in God as a Christian or believe in Allah as a Muslim, or even if you’re an Atheist.There is no way anyone out there would agree with killing a full term baby. If you do, May God, Allah or any other Higher Power watch over you and your loved ones.