Desperation In the Fox Holes?

With all the news yesterday:

– 1st Republican Representatives coming out in support of the Impeachment Inquiry
– US Ambassador to the Ukraine resigns amidst crisis
– Washington Post report that Trump told Lavrov he was okay with Russian election interference
– New York Times report that several Trump conversations with Putin and the Saudi royals were hidden on a highly secure server because of their political content

the lead story on the Fox News site is Bill Maher attacking Rachel Maddow! Why is Bill Maher’s commentary even considered news?

And is Bill Maher – whose hatred of all religions is legendary – the sort of person conservatives would embrace as an ally?

If that’s the best spin Fox can put on Friday’s news, you can smell the desperation in searching for content to deflect from the way the Impeachment story is going.


next you’ll be posting about award shows.

Just a comment on how various news sources try to distract their readers.

Yet everyone is still ignoring all the investigations into the Obama scandals like they are guilty!:rofl:


No Weedhopper. you are continuing to pin your hopes on these investigations so everyone is not ignoring them. Why not start a thread on them and share all you know about what is going on so so we can evaluate them rather than always bringing them up as a distraction in other threads.

Do you have anything to say that is germane to how Fox News is covering the Trump impeachment process?


Pin my Hope’s on investigations that aren’t over yet like the Mueller hoax.

Why, I enjoy watching the Democrats freak.

So nothing to say about this thread. Got it.

Isn’t that your bailiwick?


We will leave that to you.


Not surprising. Anything to deflect from the real story which Fox will spin in the strangest of ways to create artificial outrage. It’s what they’re famous for. This is once again proof that Fox is not a news channel despite what they call themselves just to make it legitimate to their viewers, who have to be told what to think and believe.

They know their readers

What is your main source of information on these evasive Obama investigations you are always referencing? Please share. It sounds v serious.

They also don’t understand a world where intellectually curious people on the same “political team” actually question each other. Conservative media is lockstep, dishonest, and nuance-free. It shocks them when they see it in action.


Judicial Watch and remnants of Q.


Stop visiting their website if it bothers you so much.

Whelp, Donald can breathe a sigh of relief. Nothing more to see, keep calm and MAGA on. :ru::north_korea::ukraine:

More TDS from you as usual…

Bothers me? Not at all — the spinning is hilarious.

Well, thanks for letting us know.