Dershowitz: Even if Trump colluded with Russia, he shouldn’t be impeached

Let’s take a moment to examine, in his own words, Fox News favorite liberal legal mind:

Or take a more extreme example. Assume Putin decides to “retake” ­Alaska, the way he “retook” Crimea. ­Assume further that a president ­allows him to do it, because he believed that Russia has a legitimate claim to its original territory. That would be terrible, but would it be impeachable? Not under the text of the Constitution.

This is the legal mindset Trumpers are relying on. And I cannot adequately express how monumentally stupid it is.

What. In. The. Actual. ■■■■?

from the makes of “bail, what is this bail you speak off” comes the the sequel…


Holy mackerel. He really sold himself to the highest bidder.

I think we can assume there were more jews in the Crimea than there are in Alaska. So we can assume he has no problem selling-out jews to the highest bidder.

Most of the Jews left in the Ukraine after WW2, left in the 1990’s after it got very bad for them, including my father’s first cousin and his family. We didn’t even know they existed until recently when I did my DNA and the first cousin and his son came up as a match with me. We had assumed my grandfather’s family was all wiped out in the war. He was the only one who came here (in 1917) and he lost all contact with them in the late 30’s.

They live in CA now and we have been in touch frequently.

Sorry for your families loss. But it’s not really an accurate quantitative analysis.

It wasn’t meant as a quantitative analysis.

There are only about 300k Jews left in Ukraine, if that.

Most left in the 90’s because of increasing anti-Semitism.


10 char…

They also weren’t living in Crimea. Most Jews lived in Kiev or Fastov (largest cities in Ukraine.)

I now know a ridiculous amount about Ukraine from newly found cousins.

You’re not really making hard numbers.

Ukrainian Jews
יהדות אוקראינה
Українськi євреї
Total population
2010 est. 71,500 core – 200,000 enlarged [1]

360,000–400,000 by 2014 est. [1][2]
Regions with significant populations
Russian (83.0%), Ukrainian[4][5][6] (13.4%), Yiddish[4][7] (3.1%), Hebrew[8]
Judaism, other (including atheism)
Related ethnic groups
Jews, Ashkenazi Jews, Russian Jews, Mountain Jews, Belarusian Jews, Romanian Jews, Hungarian Jews, Polish Jews
Jewish communities have existed in the territory of Ukraine from the time of Kievan Rus’ (one of Kiev city gates was called Judaic)[9][10] and developed many of the most distinctive modern Jewish theological and cultural traditions such as Hasidism.[citation needed] According to the World Jewish Congress, the Jewish community in Ukraine constitute the third biggest Jewish community in Europe and the fifth biggest in the world.[3]

OK, now how about Alaska.

What in the actual ■■■■? Anything the Congress deems impeachable is impeachable. Pretty sure a president letting another power take out land would move Congress into action…

Our*, effing no edit.

Accountability? We don’t need no stinkin’ accountability …

Dershowitz…….ha…….what does he know about the law?

The Gottstein family and about 8 others. Call it a dozen.

The comparison actually should be between Alaska and Crimea, Alaska and Ukraine.

About 7k in Alaska and 10k in Crimea. Not really much difference in numbers.