Deputies say men fired shots, yelled racial epithets at kids walking home from store

The kids are biracial and are a 16yo boy and his 12yo sister. They were going to buy candy and took a shortcut through a church lot. It’s being investigated as a hate crime.

Here’s their mom…

Here they are…

What a pair of scumbags,was anybody hurt? I cant access the site in Europe


Here’s another pic of one of them…


Good to know

Another fine example of the aryan master race

Yeah. It’s a victory that those 2 adults didn’t gun down those 2 kids.

There is good news. They didn’t have a sign that said “No Blacks”.

Charming examples of the so-called “master race”.

This is a excellent demonstration of why children should be allowed to conceal carry.

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If they are tried and found guilty . . I hope they grow old staring at gray walls and bars.

I am.sure there are good people o n both sides…

And i am sure these guys are ardent obama supporters since we are constantly told these views are left wing, not right wing…

Absolutely. More gun sales…a Win for everyone.