Dems staying close to their roots

“I’d rather them keep a Confederate monument than a statue of Clarence Thomas,” Democratic state Rep. Donna McLeod told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “That’s how much I don’t like the idea.”

The more things change the more Dems go back to their roots.


Ooh ooh oh a race card. snicker.

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Truth hurts, segregated housing, safe places, now confederate statues are OK again. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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What does Donna McLeod look like?

Does it matter

Yes because her quote starts to make moresense. May be

Yeah, this is a misfire. His politics suck, but he is a historically important Georgian.

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Of course her position probably has something to do with his politics though. Probably not his race ….

Except she didn’t say that about confederate statues or anything even remotely like it…

Yeah, I am confident it isn’t a racist stance, but the mention of the Confederate monument injects racism into the discussion.

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No she said she would rather have a confederate soldier statue then a black man. So much better.:rofl:

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Yes she would rather have statues associated with racism up than a man with whose politics she disagrees.

It’s a hateful thing to say.

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It’s hateful. What does it have to do with a black man given that she is a black woman?

What roots is she representing? No pun intended.

She said that? Are you a mind reader or something?

If we’re going to read minds here, I would say she was talking about a sexual predator and it has nothing to do with the color of his skin. A much more likely scenario given the very public history of his confirmation hearing etc.

This is a perfect illustration of Dems except SWP, making excuses why it couldn’t be racists or hateful. But those same people would be on the " white supremacist black man or uncle Tom band wagon if this person was a conservative black rep.


It was hateful. I have said it twice.

Not sure how her hateful (thrice) statement made as a black woman represent dems going back to their roots of being a white anti black men only party in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Is it in quotes? Is Clarance Thomas black? Stop trying to play picky word games you are not good at it.

The triple and quadruple down in this thread so far is precious