Dems Covering Up Cancer Cure


This is outrageous. If it’s true that Democrats are covering up a remedy for cancer then that’s just further proof that they should never be allowed political power ever again. Imagine letting people DIE of cancer just because they think it will be politically advantageous. That’s outrageous!

Democrats will stoop to anything in order to take down Donald Trump. Hannity recently told Eric Trump. “If your father cured cancer and gave every American $5 million and adopted their agenda, I’m still convinced they’d be obsessed with raging this psychotic hatred towards him,” and that’s absolutely true. Not only are they allowing people to die from treatable illnesses, but everything Donald Trump is doing in regard to healthcare is being fought against tooth and nail.


Those dirty demoncrats.

Where’s the surgeon general when you need him/her?

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Instruction unclear, pinky toe stuck in ceiling fan.

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Ban windmills

Ban cancer.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say.

Is Omnivista Health lying?

I dunno, never heard of them. Looks like some kind of advertisement banner.

It’s actually a email send by Sean Hannity’s account.

A sponsored message from Omnivista Health was sent by Sean’s email…? :thinking:

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen yet today.

Yes. It was sent to Sean Hannity’s mass email list

Weird. It looks like generic spam.

I don’t like to think that our host sends out generic spam to people who sign up to receive emails from him. You might be right though.

Alright dems, so with that cleared up, why are y’all covering up the cure for cancer? Why do you hate Timmy? :thinking:

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They’ll do anything to win. It’s disgusting.

Probably causes autism anyway.

We are saving it for when we pass Medicare for All… It will drastically reduce the cost and we be declared WINNERS!

A link in the email takes readers to a video by Dr. Marc Micozzi, who Media Matters said has claimed he witnessed the “existence of a medical miracle for the deadliest cancers. This life-saving discovery was then denied to the American people… And would have remained locked away forever – except for one thing… I kept the file.”

Other ailments Micozzi claims he can cure? Diabetes, dementia, heart disease, and more.

This particular “secret cures” scam will set people back between $37 to $74 in order to receive Micozzi’s “Insider’s Cure” newsletter.

What a crock of ■■■■■

We hate Timmy and we hate your grandma. And we’re keeping the cure just for dems, clearly.

Which begs the question, what is her rationale for not immediately releasing this information instead of charging for it?