DEMS CAVING? Centrist Democrats Urge Pelosi to Strike a Deal with Trump on Border

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Several centrist Democrats called on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to make a counteroffer to President Trump’s immigration compromise proposal; saying the left-wing leader needs to end the partial government shutdown.

The group of moderate lawmakers urged Pelosi to schedule a full vote on the president’s border wall proposal in February should they vote to re-open the government.

“We understand that this shutdown was not caused by the 116th Congress, but it is our job to fix it,” said a statement from the group.

“We promised our constituents that we would seek bipartisan solutions, and we feel that this proposal would gain bipartisan support and allow a transparent process to evaluate the true needs of border security and provide much-needed reform to our immigration process,” added the letter.

Over the weekend, the President unveiled his immigration compromise; saying he was prepared to extend DACA protections to the nation’s ‘Dreamers’ in exchange for $5.7 billion in border wall funding.

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