Democrats hate Jewish people

This is crazy all around… Trump tells donors that democrats hate jewish people. We all need to stand uo to this type of rhetoric before we go further down the toilet

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So Jews who are democrats in Congress hate themselves???

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In his defense, he is an idiot.


Once again they project themselves onto dems…

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US President Donald Trump reportedly told a crowd full of Republican donors on Friday night that “the Democrats hate Jewish people.”

What? Is this so stinking hard to know if he did or didn’t? If he didn’t, is this libel?

This is where Democrats are working overtime to prove him right with their watered down “All Bigotries Matter” resolution last week.

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He did.

Crazy all around?


But it plays well in MAGA Peoria.

Crazy all around got Trump elected.

Why wouldn’t he doubledown on crazy?

It sounds like something he’d say but when I read the article, they left themselves an out…as if he possibly didn’t.

Representative Omar approves of this post.

I’ve heard that said seriously by one of the protected radio hosts on this forum, when the Iran deal was hot news.

This is crazy, because it is true.


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It is crazy how we cannot criticize Israel…

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I’m Jewish. I criticize Israel all the time and have for years. I am especially critical of Bibi and his policies and have been doing so for years.

The only people who are going to believe the Democrats hate Jews, are not Jewish.


Not specifically denouncing the anti-Semitism in the democratic party and instead watering it down with a general statement was disrespectful to every jew. They were to offend their new Muslim stars.

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Read the title of the article carefully. It already addressed this point.

Thank the evangelicals for that one.

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Same people who believe the US must support Israel without question because of eschatological concerns, yet still think Jews are condemned to hell if they don’t accept Jesus as their messiah.

See Michelle Bachmann for the prototype of this sort of person.

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And Anne Coulter… she said Jews need to be “perfected” into becoming Christians