Democrats Creating Artificial Shortages that will Lead to Recession

Or ‘just in time’ is good for shareholders, and no one else.


“lower your expectations”.

Sorry, I have become accustomed to toilet paper and soap.

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Which makes you an employee not a business owner.

Helps if you know what the conversation was.

And I still make more money than you… while working less than you.

Overworking is not always virtuous.

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You may want to re read what i wrote instead of just reacting.

I own a business. I gladly work and have worked 70-90 hour weeks. It’s not the same as working for someone. When it’s yours the work is just different.

Oh look in another post you just made that same exact point

This is the part where you guys would be telling everyone who would listen - “just go to another store.” Or something about how the modern culture of instant gratification is so wrong. Why in my day —- Boot straps!

Brandon has made it impossible to go to another store. Shortages are not the same as shopping around for lower prices. The stuff is just not there. Period.

Silly liberals telling me to lower my expectations below the basics is beyond the pale. But then y’all like people who own $20,000+ refrigerators. :woman_shrugging:

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Are you sure? Or is someone telling you that there are shortages because of the ships in the water….

What basics? You have toilet paper in your bathroom(s)

I don’t think you should lower your expectations btw. I think someone is bumpinf them up for you and yet you still have canned corn and toilet paper in your house.

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May be people are hoarding because of tv man. No way that’s possible like at all like ever

You keep up the rah, rah, for Brandon.

Things are in the toilet 8 months into this admin.

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You mean that guy on the tv telling everyone there won’t be a Christmas unless you buy stuff right now? Guess he knows how much worse his admin is going to make things in the next few months while his supporters are still shaking those pom poms.

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Right from January 20 at around 6pm. No matter what’s happening. Nobody is rah rahing btw

What’s happening is not a good thing! In fact it’s downright scandalous. Nobody believes that you would care if someone else was president with an R next to his name.

This wasn’t your reaction when shelves were empty last year because people were hoarding. It’s your reaction now because of who is in the White House. I mean it’s not like it’s surprising given oBamas second term when everything was so horrid while “you never had it better”

It’s not like the world supply or the labor shortage would have not happened if the former guy won.

This is all because offense is easier

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What’s the variable that has changed between then and now? Did we have this backlog then?

No. If we did, you would have a point, but we didn’t.

Why is variable singular? Oooh i know the answer

Because we were discussing the one variable. Shipping back logs. Those things that were not present at the time you were addressing while trying to equate both scenarios as equal, when they are not.

Are People reacting to the variable of shipping back log the same way they were reacting to the variable of a pandemic because they feared quarantine and delivery back logs?

Respectfully do all of you guys and gals live in flatland or something?

How quickly some forget.

“We don’t have a food shortage problem — we have a leadership problem,”

Funny how that’s not battle cry now.


That should be a battle cry or a campaign slogan or an actual point

Of course that has nothing to do with you expecting toilet paper and canned goods shelves to have items on them. Because that’s a battle dry and a campaign slogan and etc etc etc