Democratic debate south carolina

Warren spending ever minute throwing daggers at Mike is comedy, but probably not helping her.

Mike playing the 9/11 card

Seems she would throw a bomb at Bernie that’s her competition for the progressive side which she’s getting pulverized by.

Mikes response to everything is “I’ll never do it again”. :crossed_fingers::rofl:


He messed up never apologize in politics

She has Bloomberg’s balls as charms from last debate.

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The moderators have already lost control and klobuchar, biden and steyer are almost invisible.


She needs what’s left of Sanders scalp to win

The inability of voters to understand medical costs and coverage is a zero sum game is annoying.

kind of unwatchable really.


Bernie is not incorrect about medicare for all. It’s time will come. But private insurance should still be available. Three of my siblings are physicians, and their staff spends an excessive amount of time and money navigating the myriad of health care plans. A step in the right direction would be to reduce the debt doctors acquire.

Oh Tom, no one cares.

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what a joke.


Biden dropped bombs on Steyer

Guess again. (Good thing I’ve never got a prediction wrong. :cowboy_hat_face:)

LOL yeah Donald trump is dividing this country up all while they’re diving the country up.

Bernie polls well against trump. I don’t get these claims.

mike: i bought them. lol

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They are out of control.

Desperate on display.

Must watch for all the wrong reasons.

Trump is in their heads.

They can’t seem to stay away from race. Which is good for the President. Race probably does not make the top twenty of issues important to Americans.