Democratic debate south carolina

Surely Sanders will surely be target no 1 by the other candidates, if they can resist Bloomberg’s presence.

I predict Tom Steyer will not be noticed

I just noticed he was there

We need some ruthless debate monitors.

Bernie first getting it

Look for warren to pound bernie over his rape fantasies.


Oh I hope so, full PC onslaught

I predict Bernie will have his hand raised for 79% of the debate.

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Oh dear lord 1 minute in Russia

Funny how Bernie doesn’t think he’s authoritarian.


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Oh Mike

Warren needs to step off the stage she’s so boring, no offense to her supporters but I start falling asleep listening to her talk, she needs to conjure her inner Comanche and take some scalps up there.

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A lib could never be Comanche.

It’s like 7 dumpster fires on a train headed off a cliff.


That explains it no warpath but a trail of tears ahead for Warren.


Two of the members on that stage could pull together and buy a state.


Most of the red states if they wanted to, those are dollar store states.

All those entitled white people.

A shame they booted booker, harris, patrick, yang and castro.

Must be racists.

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I love this