Death of a Nation review

Last night i saw the new Dinesh D’souza documentary. It pointed out that Fascism had socialist or communist roots. Where Hitler disagreed with Lenin was national versus international communism according to the movie. He pointed out that Mussolini began as a communist. Point being that it is not appropriate to consider fascism right wing as it has left wing origins.
here is the 1920 Nazi Platform.

This must be viewed in the context of post WW1 and the rise of Bolshevism.

  1. In view of the tremendous sacrifices in property and blood demanded of the Nation by every war, personal gain from the war must be termed a crime against the Nation. We therefore demand the total confiscation of all war profits.

  2. We demand the nationalization of all enterprises (already) converted into corporations (trusts).

  3. We demand profit-sharing in large enterprises.

  4. We demand the large-scale development of old-age pension schemes.

  5. We demand the creation and maintenance of a sound middle class; the immediate communalization of the large department stores, which are to be leased at low rates to small tradesmen. We demand the most careful consideration for the owners of small businesses in orders placed by national, state, or community authorities.

  6. We demand land reform in accordance with our national needs and a law for expropriation without compensation of land for public purposes. Abolition of ground rent and prevention of all speculation in land.

  7. We demand ruthless battle against those who harm the common good by their activities. Persons committing base crimes against the People, usurers, profiteers, etc., are to be punished by death without regard of religion or race.

  8. We demand the replacement of Roman Law, which serves a materialistic World Order, by German Law.

  9. In order to make higher education—and thereby entry into leading positions—available to every able and industrious German, the State must provide a thorough restructuring of our entire public educational system. The courses of study at all educational institutions are to be adjusted to meet the requirements of practical life. Understanding of the concept of the State must be achieved through the schools (teaching of civics) at the earliest age at which it can be grasped. We demand the education at the public expense of specially gifted children of poor parents, without regard to the latter’s position or occupation.

  10. The State must raise the level of national health by means of mother-and-child care, the banning of juvenile labor, achievement of physical fitness through legislation for compulsory gymnastics and sports, and maximum support for all organizations providing physical training for young people.

  11. We demand the abolition of hireling troops and the creation of a national army.

  12. We demand laws to fight against deliberate political lies and their dissemination by the press. In order to make it possible to create a German press, we demand:

a) all editors and editorial employees of newspapers appearing in the German language must be German by race;

b) non-German newspapers require express permission from the State for their publication. They may not be printed in the German language;

c) any financial participation in a German newspaper or influence on such a paper is to be forbidden by law to non-Germans and the penalty for any breech of this law will be the closing of the newspaper in question, as well as the immediate expulsion from the Reich of the non-Germans involved. Newspapers which violate the public interest are to be banned. We demand laws against trends in art and literature which have a destructive effect on our national life, and the suppression of performances that offend against the above requirements.

  1. We demand freedom for all religious denominations, provided that they do not endanger the existence of the State or offend the concepts of decency and morality of the Germanic race. The Party as such stands for positive Christianity, without associating itself with any particular denomination. It fights against the Jewish-materialistic spirit within and around us, and is convinced that a permanent revival of our Nation can be achieved only from within, on the basis of:

Public Interest before Private Interest.

  1. To carry out all the above we demand: the creation of a strong central authority in the Reich. Unquestioned authority by the political central Parliament over the entire Reich and over its organizations in general. The establishment of trade and professional organizations to enforce the Reich basic laws in the individual states.

You can decide for yourself if any of these platform ideas match current rhetoric.

Where i take issue with Dinesh is on his narrow examination of LIncoln and his description of the democrat party. It is difficult to genuinely ascribe the same motivations to seven generations without acknowledging exceptions.

He does have a very interesting perspective on Wilson and racism and draws many parallels to American politics and European politics.

it is worth the 2 hours to see.

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I forgot this very important position

  1. The abolition of all income obtained without labor or effort.


Why did you not post the first ten positions of the Nazi platform?

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More importantly - that’s the Nazi platform prior to the Night of The Long Knives - when Hitler had the socialist faction of the party murdered.


i posted the link so everyone could see the whole thing,

but i found the last 15 to be more like Bernie

The first ten sound a lot like Donald. Which suggests a binary approach to this (“Democrats are Nazis! No, Republicans are!”) is a shallow and counter-productive narrative.

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Dinesh D’souza Is a ■■■■■■■ hack.

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there are many sources that say the same thing,

but then they skip many parts

that is a different interpretation of the brown shirts, where did you get socialists from?

that is an opinion that would require some facts to support.

Hitler’s Nazis were about as socialist as Saddam’s Republican Guard were Republicans.


i guess you did not read the platform.

why did they call themselves socialist?

In short it was because they wanted to brand themselves in a way that attracted organized labor at the time.

Why was the Unite The Right March full of Trump supporters and swastikas? Why did Trump then offer a mushmouthed both sides are good mamby pamby apologism for the outrages perpetrated by white supremacists at that rally? Why are 100% of the ethno nationalist white power candidates running as Republicans? Why is David Duke all leg tingly about our current President? You think that’s all an accident?

Fascism is right wing. History is full of regrettable positions held by all fringe elements of any political ideology. Sometimes the ven diagram gets fuzzy. But fascism is an extreme version of right wing ideology. Godwin’s law applies here, and Dinesh (rehashing Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism”) loses the argument right out of the gate.


No, the Nazi platform did not echo the Democratic platform, as Donald Trump Jr. said.

Did it ever occur to you that the platform was just an election gimmick the way today’s party use them? Nazi Germany had the usual capitalistic economy. The only business’ being confiscated were jewish ones.

Michael Moore is a hack.

He is the worst.

The Nazis originally posed as an “all things to all people” party until they were in power and the Brownshirts and the left wing Nazis were purged.

Have you seen the movie?