Dead heat in texas? trump biden tied

a new poll shows trump and biden tied in texas.43-43

i think trump is still the favorite to win texas but if biden were to somehow pull off a win you can stick a fork in trump

Yep, count on it.

In just happy to see that Texas democrats have optimism.

It doesn’t have to be this time or next time. Just keep turning out and voting and eventually we’ll matter.

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Yep. Keep on.

Over the last two weeks a series of polls, including reports on Republican internal polling, have shown Biden’s strength in a number of swing states. You can see the impact in the Trump team pivot from trying to limit the impact of the virus to trying to restart the economy.

Biden’s two point lead in Texas is within the polls margin of error and so there’s no way to say who truly is ahead… and I think the Democrats would be stretching to expect to take Texas in 2020. However, these data will cause the Republican to have to put a lot more resources into holding Texas than in previous elections and that leaves less money for Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, Georgia etc. where Trump is facing risks of losing electoral votes he won in 2016.

The demographic trends in Texas have been clear for a while. Unless the Republican Party makes an effort to expand its base, Texas will go blue in this decade and that will make the recent Republican path to the Presidency (lose the popular vote/win the Electoral College) unworkable.

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:+1: yep. Count on it.

The only poll that counts is the one on Nov. 3.
Have you forgotten about 2016?

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I believe that Trump will win Texas again, and that Texas is not really a battleground state yet. Cruz won Texas’s Senate race in November of 2018.
However, Arizona is now a battleground state, and Trump is in danger of losing Arizona this time around. Sinema won Arizona’s Senate race in November of 2018, and Biden has been up in the polls in Arizona.

I remember 2016 very clearly. But more importantly, I know that polls give probabilities, not absolute answers. The final polls in 2016 gave Clinton about a 7 to 1 shot of winning the Presidency. Good odds, but no lock. Trump pulled an upset, as seven to one shots sometimes do.

Polls in May are not terribly predictive of what will happen in November. There is so much unpredictability in our world right now… if Trump is able to lead rapid re-opening and. bounce back of the economy that will certainly improve his chances… but right now the polls showing erosion of Trump support among voters over age 65 should give every Trump supporter reason to worry.

Assuming a Trump/Biden race, Biden will almost certainly win the popular vote and Trump will probably go into Nov. 3 needing another upset. Possible? Certainly. But a lock? Not at all.

And Trump hack McSally is getting slaughtered by Kelly.

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Biden just has to keep punching at the intercourse of victory and he will be the chief C’mon Man.

Yep, she is. Arizona will likely have two Democratic Senators in January of 2021.


all those mexican populated border counties…

oh and trump’s unemployment figures nationwide lately

I wonder why Mexicans don’t like Trump :rofl:

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Wait…weren’t you predicting Texas was going commie in 2016?


2024 purple. 2028 blue


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me too

the legal ones come here to work their asses off and take advantage of all the prosperity America has to offer which Trump celebrates and advocates nonstop

why do you think so many come here hating instead?

all they want is opportunity right?

faster if we get rid of that racist border huh?


not democratic.

lets please learn the proper usage. there’s a big difference