David Hogg is too ******* stupid for even Michael Moore to stomach

When your too ******* stupid for even Michael Moore to stomach, that is pretty much immediate proof that you must be on the list of stupidest people in the world.

Promoting a Federal Felony to boot, i.e. Canadians donating to United States political campaigns. What a ******* retarded, dumbass, moron Hogg is. :grin:

If Moore hadn’t grabbed the microphone away from Hogg, I wonder what other retarded crap would have spewed out of his vacuous pie hole.

I am afraid we have a new winner for Biggest ■■■■■■ in the Universe. :smile:

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Hoggs is libs new up and coming hero. :wink:

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Don’t know if I have enough popcorn for this thread.


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When you’re too nutty for even Michael Moore, you’re officially off the deep end…

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Teenager believes some stupid ■■■■■ Call a news crew.

Stay classy.

He’s a ■■■■■■■ kid.

Of course he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s a dumbass, just like all of us were when we were that age.

I don’t see anything wrong with a teenager getting involved, even if he’s wrong about everything.

Hogg has not exactly been classy with some of the stuff he has hurled at people, so he is not really entitled to respectful treatment, until he shows respect himself.

I will give him some advice, he won’t take it, but I will offer it anyway.

  1. SHUT THE **** UP!!!
  2. Go to college, concentrate on your studies and perhaps leave student level leadership to those students who have shown a greater capacity for it.
  3. When your prefrontal cortex is fully developed, at 26 years of age and you hopefully will have accordingly matured and are able to discern between valid ideas and nutty ideas, then perhaps you can then return to the arena of public thought.

Until then, you are just embarrassing yourself and anybody unfortunate enough to be associated with you.


He’s a kid.

When I was his age, i was a lot worse than he is. I was stupider, and a lot less engaged.

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You’re right, he shouldn’t take your disingenuous advice.

Well, his enablers, the various people that have given him a stage could stop doing that. He would fade into obscurity, which frankly would be good for him.


When he stepped into the political arena, he should have expected backlash. When I first joined Hannityland at 19 (I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already…) I fully expected to be attacked for my Conservative views. But I have an old soul. I’m really mature in some things (like academics) and really immature in other areas.

David Hogg seems to be naive (like I was at that age). He’ll get there, but first he needs to do some research at least. He hasn’t been very classy, though, and I can understand why he’s getting backlash. Now I understand how annoying I was two years ago…I’m probably still annoying; my frontal lobe isn’t completely developed yet at 21. But as I said, this is what you get when you step into the political arena. Everything that you say is fair game at that point.

He won’t and he will continue to amuse with his mindless ramblings. :smile:

Can someone go to college while having “being a political junkie” as a hobby? If they keep their grades up? :wink:

Maybe hogg and his enablers will boycott michael moore now.

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…and here we go. :joy:

This is going to be hard to deal with for the libs. How are they going to complain about him getting shut down, when the one shutting him down is Moore.


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In a strange way, I love it when the left eats itself…then again, Conservatives did the same thing when they elected Trump…but this is even funnier.


Ya that’s steping over the line coming from Moore who says we are on the verge of a fascist takeover.

The real bad guys in this matter are the people that have been giving Hogg a stage. They wanted a useful tool for their gun grabbing crusade and Hogg seemed like the loudmouth of choice.

However, they are finding out that he will not stick to their script and is perhaps not the useful tool they imagined. I think Hogg will be abandoned in the coming months, particularly if he continues to make stupid and damaging comments like the above.

Hogg would never have been anything without his enablers and when his enablers abandon him, he will return to being nothing.


I agree, it is kind of funny when a teenager makes a fool of himself.

It’s just ■■■■■■■ sad when a 70 year old does it on a daily basis and tens of millions of adults give him their unadulterated support.