David Duke endorses gabbard for POTUS

Yet another reason not to support gabbard.

“Tulsi Gabbard is currently the only Presidential candidate who doesn’t want to send White children off to die for Israel,” the former Grand Wizard tweeted his more than 50,000 followers along with a photograph of Gabbard meeting a US service member and his child”

Lol doesn’t want his endorsement yet supports policies that he favors.


Didn’t this happen a while ago and she denounced his support?

I wonder why David Duke no longer supports Donald Trump. In 2016 Duke urged his listeners to vote for Trump, saying that voting for anyone besides Donald Trump “is really treason to your heritage.”

Gabbard has denounced Duke’s support and that is sufficient.

While I do not support Gabbard, this is NOT a valid reason to oppose her.

NOBODY can control what comes out of the mouth of another.

The press should stop giving Duke a platform by IGNORING anything he has to say and not mentioning him, thus denying him the platform he craves.


This still begs the question of why David Duke supports Tulsi Gabbard.

That is a question only David Duke can answer. I believe she holds some anti-interventionist views, that might be it. But you would have to ask Duke.

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Maybe he has spread into Samoan supremacy.

Duke switched from Trump to Warren when he found out she was only 1/1024th Cherokee Indian.

Sit Duke. Stay. Good boy.

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We know Duke really supports Trump, and Duke knows his official support is toxic.

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That’s a dumb reason to not support Gabbard. I’m sure David Duke is also against murder, so that disqualifies a lot of people!


I don’t let people like David Duke decide who I will vote for, one way or the other. I ignore his opinions.

Yeah. I’d do that to if I were a trump supporter.

This changes everything !!! :open_mouth: