Dad leaves Liz speechless

This is an epic video. The sound is a little rough, so read the article first. Apparently this man is pissed off that he did the right thing, worked double shifts and made huge sacrifices to pay off his daughter’s college debt. And he gets nothing. Other people who earn more money than him and never struggled get their debt paid off. If they get paid, he believes that he should get paid. And why not? This is problem will not go away for Liz.

I hope Sean covers this.


So the herd of Independent thinkers at daily caller aren’t going to vote for Liz now? I’m sure she’s broken up about that.

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This argument has never made sense. How does student loan forgiveness in any way affect this man? This is just petty spitefulness.

So it’s petty spitefulness that someone works hard, sacrifices and they get diddly squat, while others who don’t do that get all the rewards?



Because his loan does not get to be forgiven. Those who used their money for cars and vacations get the money. It’s a scheme that will piss off millions of people.

My college loans are paid off and at 33 I have 50 grand saved up for my kids’ college. They will at leaat have a significant portion—if not all of undergrad—paid for.

I fully support student loan forgiveness and/or publicly funded college and don’t expect anything to be “paid back.”

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It’s the “I suffered so you should too” argument.

Rarely makes sense to me.


He wasn’t from the Daily caller. He was just a working man.

It seems some people have WDS.

They got a college education. So what if other people after them get theirs paid for? It affects them in no way and more people get unsaddled with crushing debt. I fully support this.

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Or, they used their money for rent and food.

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How come I didn’t get any money from the farm bailout package?

I don’t own a farm, but it’s still not fair - how come I have to work hard and pay my taxes, and those farmers get to reap all the benefits?


Of course it doesn’t, you aren’t the one who suffered.


Why isn’t my grocery bill paid for? I work hard and I don’t get food stamps. What gives?!

Or choom.

I recall a certain dude from the Levant who had a story or two about this type of complaint.


Different topic. This is about Liz’s goofball plan to pay off everybody’s college debt. Can she even do it? Or is it hogwash?

I’m aware that it’s a different topic.

I was employing a rhetorical technique know as an “analogy”.

I know. You’re gonna find this difficult to believe, but from time to time, I can be a bit of a smart ass. Shocking right? :wink:

My mom has Medicare and Humana. She needs a medication that costs $650, of which Medicare only covers $120 and Humana won’t cover because they say a generic would do just as well - which her doctor tells them it won’t.

But because she has Medicare and insurance, I can’t use those coupon things given out by such companies as Singlecare to get 91% off the medication, which apparently people not on Medicare or without insurance can use.

So those folks who have nothing, get to pay nothing, and my mom who has Medicare and insurance has to pay $530 a month. (Cost went up $200 a month at the beginning of the year, which is why I’ve just found out about all this stuff.)