Custom Color Scheme for the new Forum

Anyone have any ideas on how they wished this new place was colored? I’ve played with a couple of different background colors on Stylebot and this place has plenty of potential. I’m also bored and stuck on bed rest for a couple of days after this latest knee surgery, so I’m looking for something to kill some time with. lol

Lemme know if the current color options don’t please you.

I like the black. In fact I usually log in even when I don’t plan on posting, just so it’s not that blinding white.

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I just found the black setting. now I’ll find something more worthwhile to do instead. lol

Lol. Other colors might be better though, I wouldn’t necessarily give it up.

Pink is a good color.

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Like this? lol

That’s funny!

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I dunno, it kinda works too. lol