Cuomo, Elder Abuse, Compromised Legal Safety Statutes

Medicare, Medicaid, state, local, federal regulations, guidelines, laws were all irresponsibly compromised and broken by Cuomo and other state authorities.

They forcibly interjected unsafe/unhealthy/infected individuals into predominantly controlled environments habitated by the elderly and medically incapacitated residents who could not run away or flee from that dangerously fatal virus proclaimed to be a critical avoidance for them by medical professionals.

Those responsible for dismissing any regard for life’s natural course of individuals in nursing homes, long term care centers, rehab and convelescent facilities should be charged with ELDER ABUSE bec they knew the consequences would not be very beneficial for the over 60+ confined population.


There no explanation that makes any sense for doing this.

It was clear to anyone watching the news or reading about COVID-19 that the elderly were at high risk.

It makes my blood boil.


Pure evil Cuomo is for doing that!

And now, Cuomo is trying to scrub his fatal orders from state web sites.


One would think Lifecare out of Kirkland would have raised those dangers/issues. Out of 110 patients almost 50 of them died. And it was national news and it was first known deaths in America.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis seen what happen at Lifecare and taken immediate steps to protect nursing homes in his state.

■■■■■■■ from NY did exact opposite…

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Yeah, yeah, yeah…but in the lib reality…it’s all Trump’s fault…amirite? :sunglasses:

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New York’s disgusting piece of trash Governor manipulated death statistics in nursing home patients by not including them when they died in hospitals:

This disgusting creep did what many in more conservative southern states call putting lipstick on a pig. Tou can dress it up and make it up all you want, but, by golly, it’s still a pig.

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