Cummings says Ivanka Trump not preserving all official communications

It just keeps getting better.

First, where in the heck was the oversight when republicans had all branches of government? Why are the democrats having to come in and do the job that should have already been done?

Second, where are the people that scream about transparency in government? They need to stand up and be heard (similar to the Tea Party).


I hope she didn’t use bleach bit.


Lock her up!

It’s just yoga and wedding plans.

Oh, I’m totally sure those communications are being archived, just like Hillary Clinton archived all of hers (minus a few thousand deleted from the private email server she ran out of her house for official business). :rofl:

So it’s okay to commit crimes that officials that came before you got away with?

No reasonable prosecutor would bring a charge.

So it’s okay to commit crimes that officials that came before you got away with

That’s so much different from conducting government business with a private server in Trump Tower.

All calls, all transcripts, all emails, and pretty much every contact with a foreign leader should be preserved as stated in the Presidential Records Act of 1978.

I hope Ivanka doesn’t own a cloth.

Russia, if you’re listening…

I’m sure they were.

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She sells them actually - or at least tries to. Her brand is hurting thanks to dear old dad.

Yeah…she should just start a foundation and trade political favors for donations.

Give her time. The trump corruption is far from over thanks to some.

I noticed this thread only has 15 posts. I wanted to give trump voters another opportunity.

That’s the precedent Hillary set. Now everyone has to live with it.

The Trumps already did, and it already got shut down.

Trump Foundation was closed.

She’ll have to find another way to bilk the American people.