CRUZ ON FIRE: Ted Cruz SLAMS Google Executive for ‘Censoring Conservatives’

Originally published at: CRUZ ON FIRE: Ted Cruz SLAMS Google Executive for ‘Censoring Conservatives’   | Sean Hannity

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz unloaded on Google Executives at the US Capitol Tuesday; weighing-in on recent reports that the technology giant intentionally censored conservative voices across the United States.

Ted Cruz leaves Google executive SPEECHLESS over issue of censorship of conservatives

Ted Cruz let this google executive have it. Conservatives are being targeted by Google and he wasn't going to let her off the hook.

Posted by Sean Hannity on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

“Does Google consider itself a neutral public forum? Are you familiar with a report that was released yesterday that included a whistleblower, videos, and documents? Have you seen the report?” asked Cruz.

“No, I have not,” said the Executive.

“One of the things in that report, there’s a video from a woman -the head of Responsible Innovation for Google- saying ‘All these companies will be charged with preventing the next Trump situation.’ […] Another whistleblower said, ‘Google is bent on never letting somebody like Donald Trump come to power again,’” he added.

Watch Sen. Ted Cruz above.

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I watched the video. Ted Cruz really does an awesome job!

I think that there should have been a different Executive sent to answer the questions though. This one had no clue what she was talking about. What-so-ever! I mean it was kind of funny to watch, just because she’s an high up Executive at Google, and her answers reflect them, and she made them look like fools. lol.