CRUMBS! Pelosi Slams ‘GOP TAX SCAM,’ Says Republicans IGNORING ‘Working Families’

Originally published at: CRUMBS! Pelosi Slams ‘GOP TAX SCAM,’ Says Republicans IGNORING ‘Working Families’ | Sean Hannity

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi doubled-down on her non-stop attacks against the GOP tax cuts Tuesday; blasting her Republican colleagues for “giving handouts” to the top one percent while ignoring America’s “working families.”

The leading Democrat slammed President Trump’s signature tax cuts on social media Tuesday; signaling her party’s willingness to repeal the overhaul should they retake control of Congress this fall.

“Once again, the @HouseGOP proves they are obsessed with giving handouts to the top 1 percent, while leaving America’s working families with the check. #GOPTaxScam,” posted Pelosi.

Pelosi’s comments come just hours after GOP House members unveiled new legislation that would make the President’s tax cuts “permanent” beyond their 2025 expiration date.

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Now this woman truly is a shameless and dumb as dirt redneck elite. Just no shame whatsoever!

These are Federal tax cuts that will help the majority of working families throughout the country not living in super HIGH taxed States like California where YES they will feel the sting of not being able to claim a deduction for their HIGH property taxes and that’s something the voters in States like California have to fix themselves by voting out the Democrat tax hogs, liberal moonbeams, and the Geritol set!