Critical Theory is not an extension of the Civil Rights Movement

Which initiatives of his do you support? Violence free zones at schools?

A guy who seemingly has never wrote a book and stayed out of the spot light is someone you follow :rofl:

The system just won’t let you learn math.

I see your problem.



It’s become a reflex.

What exactly do you feel “we” need and are getting?

It’s not an issue at all.

To be blunt, while I find CT and the hegemony war, culture, etc., interesting, I’m over this Woke ■■■■ .

The incessant whining, the demand to include quotas of this race and that gender in every single movie, TV show, book and award… it’s boring. And a fairy tale. Pandering.

“Disproportionately affects” should be banned.

“If we don’t pass voting rights bills TODAY, our 'mocracy is DOOOOOOOMED!!!”

What hogwash.

“There’s only one black headcoach in the NFL! 'Mocracy doooomed!”

So what?

When Hollywood feels the need to make Alexander Call and John Clarke black, it’s pandering.

Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben? Seriously? :rofl:

And if you say anything about the thuggery, the attacks on Asians, the Jew hating, and you’re a racist. Don’t you DARE hold up a mirror.

Want people to hate an identity group? 'Cause that’s how you do it.

Woke is making me personally indifferent to any issues the ADOS nation may really have.


Thank you…please God let woke ism be like a fashion fad or a couple of years of every tv show being a cop or private eye with a cool car back in the 70’s…

This woke crap is idiotic. Like I’ve said in a couple of threads the panic porn of the left…(don’t pass voting rights/wear a mask/meet our quotas/blah blah blah then it’s over we won’t have a democracy/we’ll all die/no one will be free)…

I m so sick of all of it. The good news is given that Biden’s at 33% and the democrats are looking at a bad Election Day in November maybe everyone else is sick if it too.

An election isn’t going to make it go away.

It’s in the culture generators.

Maybe not…probably not…

But at least we can get the idiots out of the majority in DC.

I added to it.

I don’t know that the “majority in DC” is that important. Or even different.

The judiciary is where the hegemony lies, and it is firmly embedded there; by design.

Hell, about the only real reason to care about POTUS and Senate anymore is judges.

I saw…

Everything you said is correct. An election isn’t going to absolve us of woke ism…

What will get rid of the wokesters is their endless overreach…the hard left is wearing out its welcome IMHO…

Hope I m right

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Me too.

He’s been on FOX, he’s done interviews, he’s in the interweb.

And he knows far more then you do…not to mention he isn’t resentful for being a minority.


Emphasis mine

Hilarious given his civil rights background.

Elections matter, elect the right people and you get this.

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“you’re white you don’t get the vaccine or if you’re white you don’t get therapeutics. … In New York state, if you’re white, you have to go to the back of the line to get medical health.”
-Donald Trump 01/15/22

In a universe where Marxists actually take over America and throw out the constitution, they would have no qualms about shutting down every woke idea there ever was. They know the purpose of it is to break down the stability of a society. The wokeees will be but-but-butin’ all the way to the gulags, useless fools that they are.

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has anyone be denied the vaccine or treatment for being white in NY.

Please define what CRT is then we can debate if the concept is healthy for people to learn in school.