Crime investigation TV any fans on here?

I just found out my wife is really big into criminal investigation Television. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing :slight_smile:

Joking aside we have been binge watching these shows for the past week. I really never got that big into them before, I mean like everyone else I have seen a few and watched the tiger king :hear_no_evil:

Since we started binge watching them there are four cases so far that I personally think the wrong verdict could possibly have been given.

Most of the investigations were pretty open/shut feeling that they got the right person or the right person was exonerated. But here are the four cases I have ran into so far that I think the verdicts could be wrong. Scott Peterson, west Memphis three, O.J. Simpson, and Casey Anthony.

I really think Scott Peterson might have been innocent or at the very least not enough evidence to hand down a guilty verdict much less the death penalty. After watching it appeared almost (Or All) all the evidence against him was because they were basing it off his behavior. It showed how all the prosecutors attempts to show evidence fail to cross examination. It was also kind of odd that 11 witnesses said they saw Lacy Peterson (his wife) walking around in the neighborhood the day after she was supposedly murdered and all 11 were not looked in to. I am not saying he didn’t do it, just that not sure how the jury came back with that decision based on the lack of evidence as well the law which states one must be guilty without a reasonable doubt.

The other one is the west Memphis three. I really think these guys did kill the little boys they were accused of and the the case was dropped after they served nearly 20 years behind prison. There was quiet a bit of evidence on this one as well as two of them admitting to the murders. I think all the attention paid to it, documentaries, all the celebrities backing them, as well as all the people wanting them free were very beholden to their cause and I think the little town in Arkansas was tired of that type of fame for the past 20 years and just dropped it. Goes to show you never give up even if guilty, oh and get some celebrities on your side :slight_smile:

Not going to go into the details of the two I thought were guilty as hell but were able to successfully beat the prosecution - O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony, I think they both were guilt as hell but had some good lawyer as well as the state prosecutors dropped the ball. It was interesting watching the Scott Peterson investigation were one of the investigators who has done a lot of these said Scott Peterson has 1/1000th the evidence against him than O.J. Simpson did, crazy stuff.

Anyone else here that made it through all that text interested in this kind of stuff? Maybe can give me some suggestions on some good ones we haven’t seen and I can surprise the wife with a good one.

I haven’t been able to access Investigation Discovery (ID) at our current address. Sometimes I go on YouTube to access some of the older shows, like Medical Detectives.

I try to avoid the high profile cases like O J & Casey. All I have to say for Scott Peterson is his behavior was odd.

No one ever came out of the woodwork to say Amber Frey, who dated him, was a bad person. Why did he claim his wife had passed to date her?

According to authors who wrote about his case, he did not want any children of his own per other women he had dated before he married Lacy Rocha. Yet he married a woman who wanted at least one, & dated Amber Frey, who was already the mother of one.


I do like true crime TV & may want to visit this thread a little later.

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Oh I agree it’s likely he did it, and was a pure smuck who probably did kill his wife and unborn child. I was just referring as you said they pretty much based the case on his behavior at least as portrayed by the documentary. Which seems being on a jury without any physical evidence and asked if you are without any doubt this man is guilty. I don’t think I could have sentenced someone to death on their behavior alone.

We just got through watching one on Darlie Routier, the lady who supposedly cut her on throat to make it look like a burglar came in and killed her two kids, crazy to think thoughts like that go through ones mind.

I don’t know what to think one way or the other of Darlie Routhier. She’s still condemned.

On the one hand, who else is familiar with someone’s house to the point

They can enter without a dog, who isn’t friendly to strangers, barking

They don’t wake anyone up in the house until they’re on the attack

And they not only know how to get to the kitchen, but where the knife block is & which one to choose. ?! I couldn’t even say if any of my neighbors has a knife block, much less would I know where to find it—and we’re in a townhouse development where the units are pretty identical.

If not her, supposedly her husband arranged a “burglary” with a “friend” to collect on something like homeowners’ insurance as the family was in dire straits financially. Perhaps the “friend” was someone thoroughly acquainted with the house, its set up, & was no stranger to the family dog.

Dogs usually are pretty good judges of character, though. It’s thought Darren Routhier may have had something to do with the attack on his family.

Couldn’t say one way or the other. Part if why I’m not a big death penalty supporter—as with Scott Peterson, there doesn’t seem to be a case beyond a reasonable doubt. I don’t recall the physical evidence against Peterson.

Scott Peterson’s death sentence is on appeal. Governor Newsom declared a moratorium on the ultimate penalty—but that moratorium is only good while Newsom is in office. It is unknown if a prosecutor at this time will seek the death penalty.

Yeah I were they overturned the death sentence it is a weird case I’ll send you a PM of a video link if you’re interested watch it of a psychiatrist he’s pretty popular on YouTube who talks about famous cases he gives a pretty good opinion on it. You probably would get along well with me wife hehe.

Again I am not saying he didn’t do it by any means, it’s hard to defend someone like him just that the evidence was pretty shallow for that type of conviction. I think we all thought Casey Anthony probably killed her child.

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Dr. Jan Garavaglia, “Dr. G” cited “mothers on crack who showed more emotion than Casey Anthony.”

Most likely, if nothing else, she was through accident or negligence responsible for her daughter Kayleigh (spelling?) Anthony.

It was never established, though, how Lacy Peterson even died, making her husband, Scott’s, guilt not beyond a reasonable doubt.

Same with Darlie Routhier. It’s possible she is guilty. It’s possible she isn’t.

Her behavior was odd, but strange behavior & guilt that isn’t beyond a reasonable doubt shouldn’t earn a defendant a death sentence.

Why did her now ex husband, Darren, have a deal with investigators to not pursue any leads that may implicate him?

All of these individuals are, IMO, more argument against continuing the existence of the death penalty.

I watch them a lot.
One thing I see on almost every episode is that the homicide victim always “lit up the room”. I’ve never heard anyone say “Suzie was a real jackass”. It’s always ‘Everyone loved her. She lit up the room’.

If you know someone like that, be nice to them. They probably won’t be around long.

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Something else. On episodes where they play the 911 call from someone who has discovered a dead victim, I can tell with 100% certainty if the caller is the killer. A guilty person will scream into the phone with gibberish, barely understandable. They want to seem suitably upset so no one will think they did it. They wind up overemoting everytime. Watch for it and you’ll see what I mean.

I watch all of them. I love documentaries, top of list being crime investigating, cold cases, or medical-mystery type series. Close behind comes nature, history, paranormal, and anything about space.

The most recent one was about the daughter of BTK, child of a serial killer. I like seeing old cold cases get solved when new interest is sparked and the satisfaction of seeing criminals finally get caught/families get justice.