Cremated Remains How To Handle?

As posted I euthanized my older, ailing with failing kidneys cat three weeks ago. If I could have given her new organs to replace her diabetes damaged ones, I would have & still have her with me for awhile, but that wasn’t possible.

Her remains, “cremains”, are in an urn. Veterinarian & crematorium included a package of everything from coping with grief, to an angel pin, a paw print & the remains in a beautiful box.

I’d love to scatter them in those places she loved when she was not as bad off—by a pine tree, exploring by a fence, in some brush surrounded by a low fence, maybe even by a pond.

Is this safe (we live in a townhouse with about a dozen neighbors). Have only seen one walking a dog.

We all have a percentage of the common areas, so that isn’t an issue. Safety wise would it work? Are there any procedures for handling cremation remains?

It’s an awkward topic, I know, but this really is new to me.

It’s safe. Do whatever gives you peace without worry.

Just make sure the wind is at your back :wink:

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I released her! She’s all around me, in bushes, pine tree, even near a lake in the sunshine where it’s quiet & beautiful!

She’s free & hopefully waiting for me on the other side.