Covid 19 a Vascular Disease

Ok resident Hannity medical people, I just came across the following article that attempts to make the case that Covid 19 may be primarily a vascular disease. What say you?

There were a couple of articles on this that came out in February from Chinese doctors.

Reading the papers it seems quite possible this is true.

I saw a couple others that state the virus may have the ability to bind to red blood cells and disrupt oxygen exchange, and this may be the cause of the “happy hypoxia” seen in some patients (low blood oxygen levels without the associated effects that ought to happen from that).

In the above study, heart disease was the most common pre existing condition of patients dying of the new form of Coronavirus in the U K.

Similar statistics could be seen in Oregon in a review of records of deceased patients

Since most fatalities have vascular disease in common, it is a possibility that COVID 19 is a vascular rather than respiratory disease.

Would you share the articles optimism that, perhaps, treatment through statins and ACE inhibitors could be effective treatments?

Additionally, why does it seem the medical community is slow in pursuing this angle?

It also seem some advice by medical community, such as staying home as much as possible, is counterproductive

With gyms in particular, some may not have as easy a time getting out and exercising, making inflammation in problems like osteoarthritis worse & weight management more difficult.

Those with high BMI are already prone to inflammation that seems to be a pathway through blood vessels of COVID 19.

As I am on ACE inhibitors, this is very good news to me.

As for why the medical community might be slow?

Cognitive bias.

This was branded a respiratory illness. Therefore, the treatment protocols developed for it fell under the paradigm under which doctors are trained for treating respiratory illnesses.

It’s takes a lot of disconfirming evidence to build up in order to cause a paradigm shift…especially when the medical system is under fire with millions of people becoming sick very fast.

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Telling people to stay indoors never made sense to me. I said that from the beginning of this.

Not sure whether than was medical advice or legislators being stupid.

Avoid large gatherings? Yes.

Shutting down parks and places for outdoor exercise where social distancing can happen? Stupid.


I hope it gains more traction in terms of study.

That’s what we been saying here all along. One of most stupidity things I’ve ever seen IMO.