Court will review legality of Biden’s student-debt relief, but plan remains on hold for now

Scotusblog record.

Link to Supreme Court docket in 22a444.

The Supreme Court has deferred consideration of the motion to vacate injunction pending oral arguments which have been schedule for February on an expedited briefing schedule.

Instead, the Supreme Court treated the application to vacate injunction as a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari and granted the Petition.

We may get a decision in this case before the end of the term, perhaps April.

Does the Speaker of the House, know what she’s talking about? Enquiring minds wanna know?

Another case of executive interpretation of a law to usurp the power of the purse.

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I’m ok with firefighters. Not teachers.

I’m okay if it is tied to the actual language and parameters of a lawfully passed program. I’m not good with rewriting the guidelines as a form of vote buying with the public’s dime…

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This is a payoff to Randy Randi. Union politics.

No doubt…

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King J’Biden the Worthless has no Constitutional authority to spend or incur debt to the Federal goobermint. Joey the purveyor of ‘Mocracy knows this right? He will again have his latest vote buying scheme rejected by the USSC. He will get his winkie spanked and he deserves it.

Didn’t the Supreme say something about this not being Constitutional?