Court throws out NC congressional district maps for 2020

This will make taking the house back even harder for the GOP… All that winning…

Seems like this ruling is biased against Republicans.


I’ll say. :slight_smile:

Kind of pointless, it will effect the 2020 election only, then everything gets chucked out for 2020 reapportionment and redistricting.

In any event, North Carolina will pick up a new Congressional seat in 2020, which will actually give them a good “throwaway” district and make it harder to challenge districts.

The effect in total seat numbers will be minimal, must likely 1 seat shift, 2 at most.

It was 3 state judges that determined that gerrymandering was at play. Good for them and screw the cheaters.

I would strongly recommend that there are independent bodies (state and federal) that are responsible for the drawing up of electoral boundaries and control the running and counting elections modelled on Australia’s electoral commissions.