Court picks Virginia redistricting plan that helps Democrats

Well, well, well. The nonpartisan Virginia Public Access Project is thinking that the republicans gerrymandered so well (packing blacks into districts) that the more fair map will cause the democrats to take back about 6 stolen districts.


When districts are gerrymandered so badly, any change to the districts will help the Democrats. It just like any change to the Maryland districts will help Republicans.

So democrats will resist any change to Maryland. They only give a damn when they can gain seats.

PA relied on a liberal college professor to redraw their districts. The one that was accepted by the liberal PA courts. Better than the Democrats could have ever hoped for and handed the Democrats more than a handful seats.

Politicians in Maryland will resist any change to the districts unless they gain seats. They don’t give a damn about parties. They only care about power. This isn’t an issue that can be solve with political parties.

In Michigan, the Republicans have turned into absolute tyrants when we took power from them and smashed the state constitution on the way out the door.

Dude, the Democrats won Virginia’s election by 10% points, and the STILL lost the house.

I don’t think you understand how effective the gerrymandering was in 2011.

If I remember correctly the same thing happen in North Carolina.

Democrats flipped 5 seats in PA and republicans didn’t flip any. I’d say the democrat redistricting plan worked to perfection. Completely flipped the balance of power.

You could say that.

Or you could say that it corrected the balance of power back to the proper electorate. Which is what it actually did.

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But no issues with Maryland. Got it.

Don’t you put words in my mouth!

I thought this wasn’t about parties? Oh yeah, that’s only Maryland. I got it now.

I was just pointing out that politicians rig the game. We need to get them out of the redistricting business for good.

In every state. No matter the party.

So can I pick who gets to redistrict Maryland? PA picked a liberal college professor. I think I’ll go with a conservative one.