Couple in New York both test positive after initial recovery

First case of this I have seen that has happened in the US to go along with the 140 in South Korea and the few in Japan and China.

Going to be not so good if this thing lies dormant in some people for a while and then resurges.

Reportedly most of those infected develop limited antibodies.

People can get the flu more than once. No big deal.

(sarcasm off)

Add to it that is spreading from to and from animals there’s no real keeping at bay.

Is it?

So now what?

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A few more pets (cats) have tested positive.

Have a parade, open up the shops, open up the parks, go for a massage, get a tattoo, get your hair cut. The war against the invisible enemy is over.

Hurrah for Cadet Bonespurs who led us to victory through our darkest days.


Does that prove it


A couple of cats “tested positive”? You thought toilet paper was bad? Watch what the panic does now.

That’s one option. What’s yours?

So @JayJay , what, if anything, does this latest development do to your strategy?

A parade, open up the shops. Your arguments against the shutdown have convinced me.

Are you sure? You sound panicky.

I’ve been telling you all along your hope that you won’t be exposed wasn’t realistic. It is a respiratory virus.

Nah mate not panicky. I feel safe being protected in the bosom of our wonderful leader.

And yes Of course I am being completely sarcastic !!!’

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I’m not your mate.

Sarcasm aside, what is your plan?

Kitty litter shortages? I’ll never get that oil dried in the floor of my shop now.

For one. And now they’ll start leaving them at shelters. Or killing them.


There is no plan that mitigates this. Natural selection.

Or aborting them.