Couple Found Dead from Murder-Suicide After Man Said He Couldn't Afford Health Care for His Wife

I’m sure people kill themselves all the time when they run out of money but what really caught my eye on this story was how calm and calculating and methodical they seemed to be about their situation and their options. We still don’t know a million variables, like how long she was sick or if he was out of work or how much traveling they had to do for care, but he appears to have calmly carried this whole thing out as documented in the note he left detailing what happened, how to get in touch with next of kin and all that kind of stuff.

I horribly sad story in 2019 America.

Nobody has a right to healthcare!
Socialism is a disease!..unless we use it to pay off farmers, for oil subsidies or man the military

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He should have got a better job.

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Reminds me of Kevorkian.

Be careful you might be taken literally.

I do wonder how many people on this board could withstand a serious illness from their spouse that lasted years.

I think most people here would go bankrupt.

No doubt we will hear how someone was able to hold down two jobs, go to college, raise a family, take care of a seriously ill family member with no insurance and still were able to graduate school debt free and a house paid for.

All through virtue of pulling themselves up by their bootstraps


That sounds about right.


No issues here - and I’m on the 4th critical illness of a family member for whom i have financial responsibilty in 2 years. Socialized medicine does have its plusses.

I wonder how many people on this board will not support this man and woman’s decision to end their lives the way they did while celebrating those who choose to end theirs through assisted suicide.


I don’t know if anyone can support or not support what he did. It’s just a tragic situation.

Do we even know that she was in on it?

I would hope, though I suspect it would be a forlorn one, everyone would be appalled that a person was put in that position because of the absence of universal health care. Similarly, I would hope that everyone would do whatever they could to see that universal health care in implemented to ensure that a similar tragedy does not occur

Assisted suicide and this are apples to oranges for me. Assisted suicide typically requires a terminal diagnosis within 6 months, with multiple requests and doctor attestations over time. This was a couple who couldn’t affording caring for one’s medical care. We don’t know her diagnosis. They died because they couldn’t afford their medical bills and saw no other options.

Crazy thing to happen in the wealthiest country to ever exist in history

While writing the great American novel.

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This post is almost as sad as OP…

Assisted suicide is the result of a careful decision made by an adult, this is murder.

I am on record as saying deport all illegals, enforce who comes in, build a wall then give medicare for all the citizens of the U.S. It’s going to be expensive, you can’t save the world but if enough taxpayers are putting in and wasteful spending gone it would go a long to cover the citizens.