Countries Curb Short Selling to Stem Steep Market Drops

A little behind the 8-ball, aren’t y’all. :smile:

I made the upper 5 digits in the last few days and of course some traders have turned 7 digits. :smile:

The horses are gone. A little bit late to lock the barn door. :rofl:

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Sure, Trump would have no problem screwing me over and taking away my positions.

But his buddies at Mar-a-Lago?


/die snapchat die
//cancel wrestlemania

The United States has taken no action on short selling at this point.

Nor should they.

Banning short selling only delays the inevitable.

The retirement investment folks have been saying for years, “stay in the market, when it goes down, it comes back up” and they have historical data to show that’s true.

If the market is going to come back, why does it need government money right now? (“The market” is just numbers in a computer, if they go down now and come back later, no problem.)

Well, feel free to send some of that financial wisdom my way

I am a true “contrarian.”

I have something a bit better than wisdom.

I have a position with access to market information across the board. I do avoid trading certain areas to avoid running afoul of insider trading statutes. But I do know where to jump in early.

Wisdom is not something that can be imparted. I have had a few large losses in my life. Very painful lessons, but I never made the same mistake twice. Wisdom is inflicted on you painfully. :smile: