Could We Have a New Speaker of the House In Just a Few Days?

i mean if they stop Biden from being sworn in…it goes to her…

then of course you would need a new speaker. that is exactly what they want

Both Pelosi and McConnell need to go.

Time to start with the clean slate with a Congress that works for the people instead of party.


Is CNN deceiving again?

Great point!

Probably. Which is good for you.

Deceiving? They state are stating facts in the article.

It is a close margin and 15 dems didn’t vote for pelosi last time.

What’s deceiving about that.


Oh no!

“Cancel Rent?” “We want everything!” Another line appeared to read “UBI!” referring to the concept of universal basic income.

Trump supporters no doubt. Proud Boys?

Yay! Maybe it’s her Antifa friends?

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Doubt they are many proud boys in her neck of the woods as they would say.

Pretty sure the proud boys don’t use that Circle A symbol. I believe that the so called anarchists favor that.



Normally i would say it is disgusting but in this case it couldn’t happen to a “nicer”(more deserving) person!

Encourage criminal whydontcha.

Attacking your political enemies

How couth.


Too late to complain about that, the left has lost that privilege.


Surely they were wearing MAGA hats. lol


Those in charge of the Dem Party will be aware if there is a danger of this happening, and if it is, will act to make sure it doesn’t.

So the chances are well below slim to none such an event occurs.

I saw where conor lamb and a few others already said they won’t vote for pelosi.

Add to that a few members of the squad who have been publicly non-committal, like the new girl from St. Louis and the new guy from NY, and…

It’s a squeaker.

The Dem leadership will ensure that a Dem is elected Speaker. They will know what the vote count is going to be before the vote ever happens.

It’s like you guys don’t know how this works all of a sudden…

Isn’t the vote scheduled for a particular time, like the upcoming EC vote count??

They gonna twist some arms?? Bash some skulls??

You of all people know how it works.

I think you are mistakenly this case.

One should not encourage criminality.