Could We Have a New Speaker of the House In Just a Few Days?

Is Speaker mccarthy on the way?? Looks like it:

Down with the ice cream queen.

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Your record as a Nostradamus has been a bit shaken recent.

Pelosi will remain speaker.



Nancy Piece o ■■■■ losi…amirite? :sunglasses:

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You can just call her speaker. :grinning:


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no chance, just hype

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But if not in a few days, then probably within weeks.

She’s not very popular.


Sad state for Congress and no D successor of merit.

Will have to get a new one in 2022. Nancy won’t run again.


How does this work?

Most votes last I checked…

I’m curious how Kevin McCarthy becomes speaker though.

I would prefer a new speaker and new senate majority leader too. We are getting new president. Might as well change all.

A younger person would be best.

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How’s CNN’S?

Dems split over Pelosi and some other dem. Republicans don’t. Plurality.

It should be a Dem, they still have the majority. It shouldn’t be Pelosi.

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But it will be…


Pelosi will be selected.

In the future… I dunno.

I would love to see a different dem if for nothing else to see the look on the smug pelosi’ s face.

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I bet she would resign from congress before she would take a demotion from her party.

Agreed. Idiots will always choose idiots.