Could this be a new BLM training video?

Should BLM use this as a perfect example of how to conduct yourself when confronted by police?

I would bet it’s standard procedure for stopping someone who fits the description of a suspect. Right? Or maybe they are simply racist cops and should be fired?

I would prefer citizens minding their own business not get handcuffed until they are actually being put under arrest.

I could care less what BLM or the KKK do… Act responsibly. You don’t need the BLM.

If everyone responded like that there would be a lot less hassle from the police.

I don’t care what color your are. If you resist it’s going to go worse than if you just cooperate.

The police would have done exactly the same to any one fitting the description of a burglary suspect.

He was under arrest if he was handcuffed. If you are not under arrest you can just say “fine…bye then”.

Did they have that option without violating procedure?

I think they followed procedure. There is no evidence that the police did anything that was not by the book.

Then your problem isn’t the cops, it’s the procedures they are trained to follow? I would bet they had no choice in this case. Cuffs were not optional.

There’s “a man” shouting everything somewhere all the time.

Not necessarily, you can just be detained.

This is why liberals suck. They can’t even force themselves to be appalled by the murder of cops.

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I have no doubt that this whole thing was done by the book.

Ooops…wrong thread. I think I need a break.

What? You quoted “A man”. Not even a group of men. Just a man.

You’re taking this man’s experience and depersonalizing him and turning it into a caricature with your yammering on about “BLM training video”.

It’s still a bypass. As a poster you are responsible for what you put on here. At least that was the case in the past.

Yeah. I do it all the time. :confounded:

Does that make me a bad person? With all the yammering and such? Can we still be besties? :grin:

It would be an excellent training video though. :+1:t2: