Could this be a new BLM training video?

This is an excellent example of how to interact with police. BLM should promote this as how to behave after being stopped. They should also commend the officers involved. But they probably won’t. The idiots a BLM are not even smart enough to acknowledge that it’s a bad idea to “scuffle” with police. It’s a 13 minute video. You can jump forward a few times, just make sure you see the first minute and the last minute.

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Almost everyone dying at the hands of a police officer during a stop of some sort, begins the encounter by directly disobeying a police order which exacerbates the situation and increases the probability the officer will lose their life…and that’s a fact.

The cop did get kinda arrogant when he told him he matched the description and the black guy sarcastically said what black with a beard and white tank top.

But my problem with this is cops “detain” people every day without cuffing them. Why did they feel the need to cuff someone who was extremely cooperative???

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I said BLM should use this as a training video. I never said the police should use it. I think the detainee acted perfectly. Agreed?

Do you think BLM should use thus as an example of how to interact with police?

I agree. The jogger acted better than the cop.
I will ad that I am not black and I was once stopped for taking a walk late at night because someone not far from the neighborhood saw me and decided I looked “suspicious”. Karens and cops don’t just go after blacks.

Not the point at all. I was asking if this should be a BLM training video. Not a police training video. Should it?

It is a good way not to get killed, yes. If you take the instances of where a black person was shot while acting responsibly, these shootings would be an almost nonexistent thing. That doesn’t mean that cops shouldn’t be trained to act more respectfully or to try to calm things down more…you can still complain about that…but it would get rid of nearly all the shootings.

I saw a black man desperate not to end up dead that day.

Why was he handcuffed?

He should not have been. As the poster said…not a cop training film…not how they should act…but a don’t get shot training film.
And he didn’t.

He did, yet he was still cuffed and disrespected! So no, it’s not a good training video because his actions didn’t get him treated the way he should have been. Now, if your goal is just to live through it, then I guess you can use it.


Live, and file a complaint.
You can still protest disrespectful cops.
A court is a better place to stand up for your rights than in the street with a cop who has a gun.

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Yes and believe it’s the example for all of us on how to interact with the police. Those were above average in kindness police officers though. Just sayin… :sunglasses:

I want to hear the call of 911 or other sources of what description. the original. Because of been contained for reason because I fit the description…which I call BS.

Because that is precisely what cops do…anyone of us can be accused of fitting “some” some description. Just because the cop was nice about it doesn’t mean it’s OK.

I seen no reason for handcuff…none.

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If this man is who they thought he was, does the probability of him having a weapon go up or down? I don’t believe race entered the equation, it’s a matter of precaution and if it were me, I don’t believe I’d have had a problem with it…since the detainment was a short period of time?

I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but I would rather they pat me down for a weapon than cuff me while I was being detained.

Haven’t you been handcuffed? I thought that was standard equipment? :sunglasses:

Both you and Conan believe it was wrong. Maybe I need to relook at this but in my history, this was protocol.

Yes I’ve been handcuffed few…and yes even when I was cooperating with the cops.

So do you like the idea of BLM promoting this as an excellent way to conduct yourself when confronted by po-leece?