Cost of Ending Homelessness vs. Cost of services for illegal immigrants and # of units occupied

If there are 10k homeless in Seattle a comparable amount in San Diego, and other cities. And we are providing health care to illegal immigrants how is that fair? Every talks about them being illegal migrants, and you hear about all the services they get, but I think it is ludicrous that if the homes they live in were available to American homeless we wouldn’t have such a big problem, rents would go down because there would be a significant amount of units available. Is that right?

If 300k illegals left any certain city or state, would there be housing units available. Health care and emergency services could be utilized for the homeless, social workers would be available, am I wrong?

Would our public school class sizes go to a manageable size - we wouldn’t need more nurses or social workers. Am I dreaming here? I don’t get it.

Why does not one talk about this. We are giving free health care and homes and clothes and… whatever, church organization free food… Housing. How much are we spending on that, and then what does it take to house all our homeless people? Could someone elaborate. Is this not a news worthy subject. I haven’t heard one word about this in the immigration debate.

lots of opinions. No facts.

Welcome! In my opinion, you seem to be hearing lots of stuff that isn’t based in reality.

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This is a result of Globalist Politicians selling out the American people!