CORY-OGRAPHY: Booker Pledges to Release More Emails, Says No One Can ‘SILENCE’ Him

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Sen. Cory Booker took his anti-Trump antics to the next level Wednesday night, vowing to release more “confidential” emails from Brett Kavanaugh and saying no one can “intimidate” him into abandoning his “moral duty.”

The 2020 hopeful was commenting on Judicial Watch’s formal ethics complaint filed just hours before; saying it’s “important that American people” see Kavanaugh’s “entire record” before his nomination process wraps up.

“I will continue releasing so-called ‘committee confidential’ docs because it is important that American people see Kavanaugh’s entire record. No effort to intimidate me into silence will keep me from my moral & Constitutional duty,” posted Booker.

Booker made national headlines last week when he abruptly released the judge’s confidential emails regarding 9/11; daring his GOP colleagues to “bring charges” against him.