CORY-OGRAPHY: Booker Pledges to Release More Emails, Says No One Can ‘SILENCE’ Him | Sean Hannity

Sen. Cory Booker took his anti-Trump antics to the next level Wednesday night, vowing to release more “confidential” emails from Brett Kavanaugh and saying no one can “intimidate” him into abandoning his “moral duty.”

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Corey Booker doesn’t have a moral compass, so how can he have a “moral duty”! Plus, what Constitutional duty? He’s trying to destroy the Constitution with all the other Demon-rats!!! He does look like he’s demon-possessed! He is demon-possessed! He’s also a liar, because he’s claiming that he will release things, that have already been released! Pitiful!

Your Facebook page is a hoot. Keep up the good work.

Cory Booker drives a clown car, to Washington. Priceless.