CORTEZ CONFUSION: Ocasio-Cortez Says Dems Will ‘Pack Supreme Court’ After Midterms | Sean Hannity

Socialist superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continued to baffle voters across New York in recent days; bizarrely suggesting Democrats will be able to “pack the Supreme Court” should they retake control of Congress this November.

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Socialist superstar!

Amazing what a ******* moron she is. When you make Trump look intelligent by comparison, pretty much proof your a moron.

Kind of hard to pack courts when your party doesn’t control the Presidency.

Just like Trump, she spews non-sequiturs out of her vacuous pie hole.

Stop trying to make fetch happen.

She didn’t say midterms… she said they take back the house, take back the Senate, and take the Presidency and then stuff the courts.

It is a dumb enough idea without misrepresenting what she said.

Yeah. Kind of a dumb thing to say when there are really only 3 justices that might retire anytime soon. Two of which are already hard leftists. Thomas who is 70. Ginsburg at 85. Breyer at 80 years of age. Barring an untimely death the next two is just maintaining the status quo.